Thinking, Thoughtful Thursday

So I was thinking.  I know that can be a dangerous thing for me to do since it usually leads to somewhere dark. At least it does when I’m writing. Right now though I am thinking of how much I have accomplished this week (so far) by changing one thing that I do. It was getting up earlier and taking a morning walk. Rather I went for a walk in the mornings this week because I don’t know how you can take a walk.  Semantics – I know. and I should stop here on that subject or I will ramble, tumble, stumble and walk down a whole other path.

Anyway –

By changing one thing I did in the morning I found that it opened up a flow of creative energy for me to work and play with this week. I also found another fun website for writers that I bookmarked. I’m not sure how I found this site ( really just don’t remember) but it is a fun site. This site has a lot of writing resource links and other useful information.

And again I digressed a little there.  lol


Changing my morning routine was a huge help in shaking off a little of this restless-I-gotta-change-something feeling that has been taking over for about a month now. So the thought today is really this: What one thing can you change for yourself or about yourself that will lead to something good?

That question sounded better in my head than it looks on paper er.. than on computer or something. Well you know what I mean. I think, I hope you understand my rambling today.

Ramble on and on then change and ramble and —- have fun with something today!

2 thoughts on “Thinking, Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Hmm, that’s a good question… And one I think I need to give some serious thought to, now that I’m back from vacation and dreading certain elements of my “regularly scheduled life.” :\

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