Monday….You are well – Monday.

Monday,  I am bleary-eyed and flat-tailed as I greet you today. But watching the cats cautiously creep around the apartment is kind of bringing a smile out of me. I rearranged (yet again) the scant furnishings I have and it seems when I do this the cats just don’t get why I need to. They slink about and meow at me with a look in their eyes as if they are saying “If you rearrange this place one more time…”  I leave their stuff in the same place so I really don’t get them.

The changing seasons soon to occur has me feeling even more restless than last week. I just don’t feel settled with anything yet. And that includes my writing. I am still writing daily, okay mostly daily anyway.

I feel out-of-place and uncomfortable in my own skin. I need to do different things and do things differently. Just craving newness I suppose.

The plan is to get up when the alarm buzzes, get dressed, grab the mp3 player and head out the door for a nice morning walk everyday this week. Then make coffee and type out a few pages before lunch. Not sure how this is going to work for me since I am more of a night person than day person. But I have to try something different.

For me different is being up early and writing during the day. I usually write between midnight and 3am. So this plan of mine should be interesting.  I’ll keep you posted on the results. No walk this a.m. as it is laundry day, maybe I’ll walk later.

Change your habits  and who knows where it’ll lead.

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  1. I always rearrange when I’m feeling restless. But usually it’s a method of avoidance, you know? What are you avoiding? What would really make you feel better?

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