Lost in Cyber Space

I was supposed to be writing all day today. Okay I was supposed to be writing at least some of the day today. And it turned out to be a writing a paragraph kind of day today. It is entirely my fault. I cannot blame it on anything other than my own curiosity.

You see before I do any writing I check my emails, phone messages (when my phone actually works), and then check on Face Book. and that was the mistake today.

I got caught up in spiral surfing when I clicked on a link that a friend had posted. That was it and from there spun out of control getting myself tangled in the world-wide web. Before I realized it most of my writing time was gone.

I now had to check on my son’s school work (because it always seems that he is a bit lazy the first week), clean out the cabinets under the kitchen sink and make sure the tub area in the bathroom was dry. The landlord was en-route to replace the kitchen sink and re-caulk the area around the tub, faucets and some tile. Then get something for dinner, feed the cats and now it is 10:50 pm and I am feeling tired.

Not used to so much daytime activity so it wears me out rather quickly. I did make time for a new post about how I got lost in the www.  lol.

Oh I also did go to Amazon.com and check out the poetry available on Kindle. There is actually a fair amount available. I am almost  done with collecting the poems I want to publish on that format. There is more editing to be done, although that could just be my way of procrastinating.

Have you ever gotten lost on the web?

Surf on, Write on and on and so on.

4 thoughts on “Lost in Cyber Space

  1. Oh yeah, man. And this reminds me a lot of my post about how I’m “chronically optimistic,” hehe.

    Well no worries. There will be days like this. The best thing to do is forget about them and move on. 🙂

  2. I’m always getting caught in the web. And, really, this week has been bad for that. Last weekend I wrote four chapters…then stalled out during the week. grr. But, I’m getting back to it. I’m at the scene where Iyan shows Lydia how he shapeshifts. He’s just killed two deer and Lydia’s standing there like, wtf did you just do? It’s very fun so I’m hankering (yeah, I used that word) to get back to it.

    • I’m going to have to get more disciplined with myself regarding the web surfage that I allow for myself. 🙂 Four chapters in a weekend that is great. I think I am over thinking the linking of the murders but I’ll get there. Hey that might be the next blog post.

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