What are your favorites?

What are your favorite things? As I go through my older writing I find a lot of repetition of symbols. It seems like my favorite symbols are: Night, Spirals, Love, Gardens, Forests, Mountains and Water.  Hmm I wonder if I have poems with all of those things in it? If not I most likely will by Monday since I have just planted those word seeds in my always fertile creative mind.

Plant some word seeds and watch them grow. Have a great weekend.

1 thought on “What are your favorites?

  1. (Hehe, another good theme.)

    I don’t know if my favorite things necessarily show up in my writing… Well, okay, dogs do. Ever since I got Riley, there are a lot more dogs in my stories. Other than that, I think I put a lot of my thoughts/my life into my stories, but not directly, and not usually my favorite parts, lol. It’s more like the stuff I’m trying to… understand, or accept. (Or change, but can’t, so I do it in fiction!)

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