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I have changed the appearance of my webpage so it is easier to read. And I’m trying to figure out all these widget things and how to post a picture of myself over to the right side and on….. I’m still feeling like a blog newbie – lol.

Anyway I hope you enjoy today’s post.

On The Way To The Bookstore

August 24, 2010

On the way to the bookstore I found a box

and in it was hidden no less than three rocks.

These rocks are painted red, gold and green

and on them are written words of esteem.

The words I can see are Wealth, Love and Fame

I wonder if those words are indeed their names.

I gaze at these words and wonder at the rocks

then decide to look instead at the box.

On it is written something I did not notice before,

it said ‘Do Not Open’ and I closed it once more.

I felt foolish and a little absurd

I mean what harm could come from those three little words?

The words that I saw on the outside of the box,

the one by the road and in it was hidden no less than three rocks.

Well I had already looked and had already seen

these now sparkling rocks painted red, gold and green.

The rocks that are now starting to glow

their light spreading across my hands and head to toe.

I tried to drop this now glowing box the one which I held

that in it held no less than three rocks

But I cannot drop this unusual box it holds me tight

until all I can see is this bright glowing blue light.

Then I hear a soft humming sound

I feel myself being lulled asleep as I am pulled to the ground.

I don’t know how long it was that I slept

when I tried to open my eyes I see in the dark I am kept.

I find that I cannot move it is as if I am bound

what happened to me when I fell to the ground?

I try to struggle, to scream and break free

but nothing happens, what has happened to me?

I cannot move I feel trapped and afraid

I soon realize the mistake I have made.

Then I hear voices all around me it seems

and I wonder if this all just some crazy dream.

I hear two people talking about something they found

on the way to the bookstore by the road on the ground.

One says to the other, “Look I have found a box

and in it is hidden no less than four rocks.”

(c) 2010 Joelle Wilson  No part of this post/poem may be reproduced in any form for any reason without permission from the author.

3 thoughts on “Inside The Box

  1. Ooooo, VERY interesting! I love this poem, because it’s a story too. Those were always my favorite kinds.

    Also, love the new lighter look! 😉

  2. Like the new look…easier to read the text. 🙂 You need to add the Gravatar widget to your side panel, above the calendar…upload a picture to the Gravatar and your picture will appear. I had to figure everything out myself too…still figuring things out as I need them.

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