Changes Are In Effect

I’m feeling stagnated as of late. And whenever I get this stagnated, restless, I really need to change something feeling I rearrange the apartment. At least I rearrange what little furnishings I have in the apartment. This could be why I don’t care for furniture – lol.

And now this feeling of change is carrying over into the blog-sphere. I want to change the theme of my blog but I’m not sure yet which theme I should choose. So I am just giving fair warning that the theme may change on a daily basis this week as I test out some new ones.

And I’m not really liking the blog schedule I set up for myself either. I think, no I know, that I’m going to change that too.  I’m also in the midst of changing and rearranging the current novel I’m writing.  Changing the working title, rearranging the wording, and so on.

Change is the key to my sanity. Or maybe it’s just the room where my sanity is hanging out in for the moment 🙂 This need for change is most likely why I have been sleeping less too. I can’t help the thoughts racing around my brain of what I want to be different in my life. There are a lot of things I want to change.

I’m starting with the small things first and then I’ll work my way up the gentle slopes of Change until I’m feeling satisfied again.

Ch-ch-ch-changes – ahh David Bowie – the King of Changes.

Create it, love it, change it and love it more.

4 thoughts on “Changes Are In Effect

  1. My #1 recommendation: even if you go for a “dark” scheme, make the text black-on-white! This grey/white-on-black is very very hard on the eyes.

    I do like your fitting header image, though… But you could probably find another one that worked well for whatever theme you end up going with.

    I too am a furniture re-arranger and blog-template changer, haha, so I totally feel you. Have at it! I can’t wait to see the different looks.

    • I agree the text color needs to change, I never realized how hard it is on the eyes. I’ve been looking at so many different themes and can’t decide which one. It’s like buying clothes – you have to try on a few things to see which fits best.

  2. You know, the seasons are about to change and I think it makes everyone go a bit stir-crazy. I’ve been hacking away at my w.i.p. too and hopefully get some decent results.

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