The World Is Mine

While I was at the park today I watched the people who were there and took note of how they interacted with one another. It was interesting to see how some people smiled and said hello to each other when passing by and how some simply kept to themselves.

And then as I sat by the very slow-moving stream just down from the almost vacant waterfalls, I watched as a young girl expertly jumped from rock to rock in order to cross the water. This girl was so sure of her steps that she didn’t pause between jumps. It was if in her mind she could clearly see the best path of rocks to jump on.

Her mother, however, was much more cautious and took her time deciding which rock to step on next. She slipped twice and I thought for sure her feet were going to splash into the water. Meanwhile her daughter (I am assuming) went straight to the falls and climbed up over the slippery rocks as if such a thing was natural to her. Once at the top of the falls she held her arms high and proclaimed “I claim these rocks as mine. The world is mine!”

Then she just as deftly climbed down and continued to hop from rock to rock without hesitation.

I started to think about how fearless the young girl seemed as she explored her world. She knew exactly what she was doing and had no doubts about the outcome.  Her mother on the other hand – or rather rock- hesitated at each step and kept slipping almost stepping into the water.

Perhaps as children we all went about life hopping from rock to rock across our respective streams and climbing without fear to see the world. We felt secure and safe knowing our steps would not falter, we would not slip into the waters and get lost.

So then how as adults did we get so lost? Wrapped up in the ‘problems, challenges and chores’ of our everyday adult life it seems that some have forgotten that we can step through life sure-footed and fearless. Is this what growing up means in our society? To lose the fearlessness of our youth?

I for one am going to find that courage again to step across the stones and know that every step will find purchase on the slippery rocks of life. Who says that being an adult means to burdened with problems? not anymore for me I am tired of feeling weighed down. It’s time to jump, climb, run and just generally have fun again.

Write on and on and forever on.  And have fun while you are doing it!

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3 thoughts on “The World Is Mine

  1. “Is this what growing up means in our society? To lose the fearlessness of our youth?”

    In a way, yes.

    But I don’t think it has to. And obviously you don’t either. 🙂

  2. I think this is my favourite post I have read in months!
    As adults we get lost because we don’t practice rock-hopping. And we see disaster before success. Children remind us of how we should be.

  3. As a kid I used to love to climb trees. In some I would be so high I was looking down on the roof tops. I do think sometimes how I would be too afraid to do this now, even watching my kids do it would freak me out. Recently I was at an ovelook at Pittsburgh where a little boy was leaning against the railing looking down, it was all I could do to not grab the back of his shirt and he wasn’t even my kid! I also loved roller coasters and am now afraid. I will try to be more of a rock hopper with you but not sure the height one will ever come back….I have good memories though 🙂

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