Jack is coming back

This is just a paragraph, only  a paragraph. If this had been a chapter or part of one I would have said as much. lol

Anyway this is how chapter two ends and I am currently, as you are reading this post, writing chapter three. After about 3 weeks (or so) of no Jack because I was getting to know Jack (haha) I have finally been given a map as to where this is going.

But you must be patient dear reader, I am working as fast as I can. I have 3 other books I am writing at the same time. Well I am rotating through all of them. Glad I have my notes to keep it all straight. After it wouldn’t do to have Skye (the killer) going to Carlson Park to ask Mira what the creatures really are. Or Vetta (the Ghost) flying into Skye’s world ir mayhem and murder. And then Sarene and Mira would really be lost in Vetta’s tame world where the only monster is the person that may or may not have killed Vetta.  Or what if everyone jumped over to Jack’s side of things and got caught in the river. No it would not do at all.

Now you see why I keep careful notes and as I am writing I have those notes open for me to see lest I get lost. Now on to the scheduled paragraph. Albeit a short one.  😉


I was drawn back here. I had to return to this place. Part of me never left that day when I was pulled from the river. At least I think I was pulled from the river, the paramedics never did say exactly how they rescued me. I only remember waking up when they were working on bringing me back.

I should find them tomorrow. I have a few questions that need answers, I need the answers. For now I’m going to try and get more sleep. Hopefully the dreams will be staved off by the sound of the television.

Told you it was a short one. More to be posted on Thursday.

Writing on and on and sometimes getting lost only to write my way back.

4 thoughts on “Jack is coming back

  1. “Writing on and on and sometimes getting lost only to write my way back.”

    Haha, I love that, and it’s so true.

  2. I love the play of things in those first few sentences…definitely something emerging there…

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