I found inspiration

I know it’s not the best title for a post but it is what happened on Wednesday. I went out shopping with mom to get some necessities and found a gem.

No not literally a gem. It was while we were at Hobby Lobby that I found the unexpected treasure. I was looking around in the frame department and then meandered over to the bins where the prints and photos for sale are stocked. A picture of a faery child  in a boat reaching out to pick up a Lilly from the water caught my eye.

I picked it up and put it in the cart. I took me a few minutes to realize why I really wanted to purchase it. It looks like the main character from a short story I am working on. In one scene she is in a small boat on a pond and is picking up a water-lily from the water. Just like the picture.

I figured my muse was giving me a physical gift of the story to inspire me to get on with it again. Maybe not exactly a gift since I had to purchase it  – lol.  I smile when I look at it and can definitely ‘see’ what is to come in the story.

And here I thought I was just going out to buy necessities that I knew I needed.  Thank you muse, I am listening.

Write on and on and forever on.

4 thoughts on “I found inspiration

  1. Hehe, reminds me of Sarah finding stuff in her attic from her grandmother, and how it all tied in to her book!

  2. That’s awesome! I think you should post the picture (or at least bring it to writing group so I can see.)

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