I’m lost in thought….

I think I may have  map around here someplace…. lol.   I have plans for Jack and Blackridge River I really do. It just seems like every time I sit down to type out a few pages something else intrudes. And right now it is the poetry manuscript that is demanding my attention.

I am getting a few dozen poems together to publish on Kindle through Amazon.  It’s a publishing platform that I have been wanting to try so I am. Not sure exactly when I’ll have the manuscript done but it should be sometime at the end of the month.

Also life seems to through in a few unexpected twists and turns that I am dealing with at the moment. I can just Jack sitting off in the corner of his hotel room staring at the ceiling wondering when I’m going to move him forward and find out the whys and such of his life.  Don’t worry Jack I’m getting back to you soon. Just how soon…not sure.

The last week of July and so far into August has been full of unsures, maybes and I just don’t freaking knows.  I know it’ll smooth out — soon.  So when soon finally arrives I shall have fresh words for you to ponder on Jack’s predicament. Until then I think I’m going to go to Google maps and see if I can find my way again. lol.

Write on and on and always.

4 thoughts on “I’m lost in thought….

  1. Oh, are you going to experiment with Kindle too? Fun fun! To be honest, I think you’d have better luck with the Blackridge River story… Thrillers and romances seem to sell the best. I’ve never seen any poetry (granted, I haven’t looked…) so you may want to research that. And I know that the Kindle users definitely consider value, so for example, when I only put up a few episodes at a time, I didn’t get that much interest b/c my offering was so short. Now that I’ve got all 40 episodes up together, people are more interested.

    • Thanks for the advice Kristan I’ll keep value in mind. And I’ll look into the poetry that may or may not be available on Kindle. I’m just getting ansty to get my writing out there. 🙂

  2. I’m interested in how the Kindle thing goes…keep us updated. Google maps? 🙂 You’ll find your way.

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