Friday already. Almost the end of July and I find my thoughts moving a little bit forward. I can’t help thinking about the new school year that starts at the end of August. My son just says to ignore it and enjoy the rest of the summer while it is still here. Good lesson for me from my teenage son.

At times I think he is only concerned with friends and video games and girls (not always in that order) and then he’ll surprise me with bits of wisdom like  “Today is here, tomorrow will happen and who really knows what will happen then but, Today is here so what are you going to do today.”  And then he forages in the fridge for something to fill his never-ending (it seems) hunger.

So then I think about that too – never-ending hunger. Hunger for life, wisdom and most of all happiness. Not in the way of never being satisfied but just keeping yourself open for more.  I should write a book “Everything I really need to know I learned as I was raising my son.”  But I do not need another book project write now even though I can feel it already starting to birth itself into my ever fertile mind.

I look at my goal lists and check off a few things then add a few more knowing I’ll get to them eventually. Then my mind is zipping off onto another idea. I always have ideas even now more words are starting their dance and will make their way onto the page sometime, maybe tomorrow. Today I am turning notes into cohesive sentences which then become chapters which then become a book. At least that is the plan.

So what are you thinking about as midsummer is here?

Write on, on and on.

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