Wednesday’s Waxy Poetical Posting

Well alright, all right there aren’t any waxy components to today’s post just words. I hope they are enjoyable words because I like these words and remember words are really friends on a page.

The Faith To Breathe

April 16, 2001

Find in me the love

that you need,

Find in me the faith

that you seek.

Send to me the love

that I need

heal in me the faith

that I seek.

Find in me the fire

that gives life,

Find in me the water

to breathe.

Send to me your fire

that I would live

walk with me to the

waters that breathe for us.

Find in my eyes

the reflection of your soul,

Find in my touch

the spirit that sets you free.

Walk with me now

to the edge of


and breathe within me

that we can live again.

Rise with me

thru these ashes and

dance into the wind

and breathe with me

so we can live again.

Find in me the love

that you need,

find in us the faith

now to believe in love.

(c)2001 Joelle Wilson No part of this post may be reprinted by any means without permission from the author

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Waxy Poetical Posting

  1. Great how the ending tied it all together, faith in love. Thanks for sharing!

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