Draggin’ Draggin’ Draggin’

Nothing more with Jack and Blackridge River…yet. Still pondering on chapter three notes. but I did come across another silly story from a while ago. This one is also from 1985 and it’s called The Dragon.  Enjoy

The Dragon

By Joelle Wilson – 1985

In a far away land in a far away time, there lived a Dragon. This Dragon’s name was unknown to all except himself. This dragon was a very powerful creature but he was not evil. He only did good things for the town above which he lived. This dragon did his best to keep out all evil creatures that would do harm to the town and its people.

One day a warrior came to this town looking for a chivalrous deed to do. Well upon seeing the Dragon circling over the town he decide right then that would be the deed he must do. He would rid the town of this dragon for he thought that all dragons were vile and evil creatures.

So late that night while all the towns people were asleep, he crept up the hill to the Dragon’s lair. He thought to surprise the dragon and kill it while it was asleep. But upon entering the lair the Dragon awoke and was very surprised to see a warrior standing before him.

“What do you want here Warrior? I have no gold or treasure for you to steal.”

“You can speak! I know that Dragons are tricksters and you shall trick me Sir Dragon.”

“I have no intentions as to trickery Warrior. I am curious as to why you have come to see me”

“I know that all dragons are vile and evil creatures. You must have the townspeople in fear for their lives for them to not try to get word out that there is such evil in their midst.”

The Dragon only shook his head at the ignorance of this Warrior. “I am not evil or vile and the townspeople do not fear me. It seems that you are mistaken.”

“do not try to confuse me Dragon. I am going to rid this town of your monstrosity and then they can be free and happy again. I will be their hero.” Ans with that he raised his crossbow, fitted an arrow to the string then shot the dragon.

The Dragon blew up taking the warrior, the entire hill and the whole of  the town with him.

(c) 1985 Joelle Wilson

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    • Yeah it kind of is a little bit. I think there may be a message in there someplace at least that what it seems but I’m not quite sure…yet.

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