Editing Life

I feel like I have overloaded my little brain cells this week. All the research I have done this week and it seems like there was so little output for all the input.  From looking at anatomy websites to chemical information sites to endless notes made and ….whew I am tired.

I also helped my mom rearrange the storage unit this week in preparation for a yard sale. I hope all the junk…er… I mean stuff sells at said sale. It’s time to downsize again. I have been going through all the as yet unpacked boxes at home too. Hoping to unload more and more useless crap. this stuff may have served a very useful purpose at one time but no more. Except the purpose of crowding my space.

I figure that the more old and worn out useless things I can release, then the more useful space I will create. And then the more useful space I create I can fill up with useful things like more story notes. And the more story notes I can create and fill up in the useful space then maybe the faster I will be able to finish my books. And then when I finish my books I can rewrite them and get them completely finished. Then the books are completely finished then I can go about the adventure of getting them published. And then when I….well I could go on like this for quite a while so I won’t.


This weekend will be all about tying up loose ends, releasing unnecessary things, cleaning my car, cleaning up the short stories, preparing Monday’s post, and hopefully selling some photos (well at least getting photos ready to sell).

Life editing…a never ending rewrite of the adventure that is Life.

Write on and on and on…………………….

2 thoughts on “Editing Life

  1. “Life editing…a never ending rewrite of the adventure that is Life.”

    Hehe, so true.

    I LOVE cleaning up/out! It’s so cathartic, in a way. I hope your sale goes well!

    • I hate the cleaning part but I do love how I feel after it’s done. Maybe I need to just not collect so much in the first place lol. And hopefully we sell out at the sale otherwise it’ll get donated.

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