Today was yesterday which should have been tomorrow… or…well…

Okay I thought today to be Wednesday and yesterday was Tuesday and now since my sister has set me right, I now know that my thoughts were not correct. With that said there is no short story posting for today. Instead it is a an odd bit of prose that I submit for your enjoyment. This was written a while ago but it still makes me smile when I read it.

The Rocking Horse

by Joelle Wilson

The Rocking horse

stood off

to on side of the

room never asking

any questions.

It would just rock

back and forth

and forth and back,

to and fro, fro and to.

Day after day

this is how it


Never asking anything

not one sound

would penetrate forth

from its mouth.

Many people thought

that this was because

it had nothing to say,

or perhaps it was too

afraid to mention any

thoughts it may have.

Some even fancied

that a spell had been

placed upon it so

that it could not speak.



it’s none of those


The reason why it

never spoke

is really quite plain

and simple,

It’s made of wood.

(c) and Written in 1985 by Joelle Wilson no part of this post or any post may be copied or reproduced without the author’s permission.

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