Blackridge River Chapter 2 – part 2

Here is the rest of chapter two and I am still working on chapter three. Keep in mind this is still a rough draft version. Enjoy.

At least The Riverview is affordable and close to where I’ll be heading off to in the morning. Sometime tomorrow I’ll be going back to the river.

“I must be outta my mind for doing this.” Looking at his reflection in the window instead of focusing on the river he can see how tired he appears. In reality he feels much more tired than what the reflection shows.

Lying in bed Jack can hear rushing of the river. Falling asleep while listening to that music he dreams of the incident that brought him back here.

Crawling faster towards the trees lining the shore, heart beating frantically mind reeling from the knowledge that he is about to be pulled under. Then the rush of icy water fills him again. “It’s just the dream” he tells his mind and urges his body to calm down.

Only when he can bring himself to lie still on the bottom of the river, the cold water surrounding him and filling his lungs, only then can he escape the dream.

Sitting up in bed and gasping for air his chest burning for oxygen Jack opens his eyes forcing himself to focus on his room. The burning sensation on his chest doesn’t subside this time. Feeling under his t-shirt he finds welts on his chest. I guess I was clawing at my chest this time.

This has to stop I can’t take much more of this, this dream. It’s getting more intense every night and this was the worst. Maybe it’s just being so close to the river. I’m going out there tomorrow. I’m going to the place where I was pulled out by the paramedics. My therapist doesn’t agree with my decision.

*                             *                               *                                 *                                   *

“Jack you should re-think your decision to go back to Blackridge. At least wait until the dreams have subsided and your scars have healed better.”

“No, I’ve decided that this is the only way that the damn dreams are going to stop. Or at least I’ll find out why I survived when supposedly no one else has.” The next thing you know and she’ll want to come with me. Get it all down for her paper about near death experiences. “I’m going. I’ve already made the hotel reservations, rented a car and put my mail on hold. It’s a done deal.”

“Fine it’s your decision to make I just want you to make a rational decision based on facts not emotions. Facts let you think clearly on the subject emotions will cloud your judgment.”

Well that’s different for a psychologist. “So Dr. Tuhler you’re telling me to ignore my emotions? Isn’t that against the grain for you guys?”

“No, I’m telling you to make a rational decision. And please don’t lump me into the same category as the other therapists you’ve seen. From the surprised look on your face I’m guessing you didn’t think I knew about them.”

“No. I didn’t think they could tell anyone that I had sought out their so-called services. Client-doctor privilege and all that crap. What did they say about me?” I hate being talked about.

“Nothing bad Jack, just that you were hard to deal with, temperamental and not open to therapy. This makes me wonder why you came to see me.”

Great now I have to explain this too, I need to get going. “It’s part of getting back to work. I have to see a counselor before my boss will let me back. It’s that simple and I saw your picture on your brochure. You looked as if you’d be easy to talk to. And now I’m going”

“Alright, our time is up for today anyway. Just take my number with you in case you need to talk or if the dreams continue to get worse.”

“Fine, I’ve got your card. Good enough?”

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  1. “I saw your picture on your brochure. You looked as if you’d be easy to talk to.”

    I love that. I think that says a lot about Jack, his thought process. And about the psychologist, of course. I’d love to see their relationship fleshed out more.

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