Just A Quickie

I didn’t get the editing done on the next chapter of Blackridge River so I did not post anything new yesterday. Today I have looked over notes, jottings and some undecipherable notes that I scrawled out on various pieces of paper relating to the murder story I am working on. I have rearranged some of these puzzle pieces and finally I feel like I am pulling something good together. Tomorrow will be a rewriting day for me on the poetry manuscripts I have been working on and I will post one of those poems tomorrow.

As for the rest of my night, I’m kicking back and watching a couple of movies. I know, I know it’s not writing but I am calling it research since one of the movies has some murders  in it.  So off I go to pop the corn butter and salt it crack open a can of something cold and relax with The Crazies and Alice in Wonderland.  Great Combo don’t cha think?

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