Blackridge River – part 2

Here is part 2 –

Jack feels himself being lifted into the air then slammed back onto the ice pushing him through into the cold water underneath. He can feel icy death fill his lungs and push any remaining air. Feeling as if his chest is going to explode with the need to breathe, his mind tries to reason out what is happening to him. Part of him still feels a need to try to survive. As the tendrils release their hold he kicks out at what is moving in the water next to him. Connecting with something solid he feels his ankle shatter from the impact. He also feels that something hold fast to the damaged ankle, squeezing.

Reacting in a reflexive way of trying to scream from the pain, his mouth opens and closes without a sound. No sound, just the echoing pain in body of drowning and his useless ankle. He is drowning slowly, each limb growing colder, the water getting darker. Jack always thought that freezing to death was just a matter of going to sleep. Now he knows differently, not that the knowledge is of any use to him. Then his near frozen mind throws back at him that he is also drowning. Yeah that’s right I’m drowning too, he thinks then wonders how he is still able to think. If I’m dead then how can I think?

The water of the river vibrates in pleasure as it is claiming another life, another soul. People will never really heed the warnings about Blackridge River. There will always be those that think the stories are just that, stories and nothing more. The river knows it will always be able to feed itself.

The shadow wraps itself completely around Jack taking his life energy, slowly leaching from him the life that it needs to live. But still it admires the strength it sees in Jack. Seeing that his mind is still working even though he is almost dead, the shadow feels the spark of life still deep inside this one.

Jack’s tears fall freely. Drowning and I can still feel tears. The warmth of these tears will be the last thing I feel as I die. Weird, I feel like I’m being held. The water pushes at him as if it’s trying to push through him. But he still feels the pain of drowning as if the water isn’t through with him yet, and the darkness trying to swallow him deeper into death.

In the next moment he hears a voice, a whisper coming at him from the center of that darkness just one word, “breathe.” When he doesn’t respond the whisper becomes a command, “Breathe.” No thank you, Jack silently yells back at the voice. The last time I tried that I felt ice, not air and it hurt. So piss off with your breathing!

The whisper evolves into a shout and this time it is accompanied by an electric pulsing sensation that spreads across his chest bringing fire where before there was only ice. Afraid to move, to even try to breathe, afraid to do anything Jack stays still as death. If I’m dead how can I feel anything mush less think anything?

Again he hears a voice this time it says “Clear!”, then the electric fire rips across and into his chest again. “Should we turn up the voltage?” a different voice asks.

Well I don’t want you turn up anything that hurt. How can I feel? I shouldn’t feel anything anymore, I mean I’m dead. And how can I hear them?

Jack tries to open his eyes to tell whoever it is to stop trying to electrocute him and just let him die in peace. Maybe the water is just screwing with me, making me think that I am being saved when I’m really at the bottom of the river. If I take a breath now that icy burn will be back, no thanks.

Jacks’ mind is trying to understand what is happening to him. He doesn’t feel the cold anymore and he wants to try to believe that he is out of the water. I still can’t move but I am getting warmer. What if…?

“Come on breathe. If you want to live then you have breathe.” The voice commands of him to breathe, to live and part of him wants to just go to sleep. But the survival part of him throws back the images of reaching for the branches, of wanting to live.

“Call the time of death Wren. He’s not responding.”

I’m not dead, I’m not dead!

“Not yet Everson, not yet, give him a chance.”

Jack opens his mouth and forces air back into his body, warm life-giving air. Wrenching his eyes open he sees two people standing over him staring at him, looking for signs of life. One of them pulling another blanket over him smiling as she says, “Welcome back Jack.”

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