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Yes I know that I missed posting yesterday but I do have a good reason. I was writing.  I was working out some plot points that had been left unfinished. I also did something that was a lot of fun. I interviewed the main character of the current book project. I needed to get some better insight into who she is as a person so, I interviewed her. I doubt that I’ll post  the interview anytime soon.

So on with today’s post. I submit for your reading enjoyment a PIP (poem in progress) it is mostly finished I just need to tweak it here and there. But I like this one very much I do and I hope you enjoy the read. Oh and before I forget, tomorrow will be the next part of Blackridge River.

Evening’s Shadows


It was late in the day

I walked away,

evening’s shadows

draped across the sky.

I walked with a shroud

covering my soul,

Evening’s shadows fell

across the land.

I continued into the

darkening forest,

Evening’s stars came

awake across the sky.

I stood in the field

where I last saw you,

Evening’s cold hands

stole across my skin.

I remembered the kisses

that you freely gave me,

Evening’s embrace covered

my heartbeat.

I looked away for the

briefest of moments,

Evening’s silence

took you.

It was late in the night

I walked away

and daylight’s warmth

healed me.

And I’m not sure I need to put this here but it makes me feel better about putting original work out there in cyberspace.

(c) 2010 Joelle Wilson  No part of this or any other post may be reprinted in any form without the permission of the author.

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