It’s Been A While

Yeah it’s been a while since I have posted anything. I feel like I have been neglecting a friend by not posting anything on my blog. Not even sure if anyone else has noticed or cared. Anyway there is a good reason for my absence – I have been writing many words on other projects. Also I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing. I mean what I want to write on the blog.

I think I may have a blog schedule figured out for myself. Yes I said that a blog schedule. It sounds weird to have a schedule for blogging but I think it’ll help me focus more on what to say or rather what to type.  So I am doing theme posts starting next week. Nothing fancy or spectacular. Not anything world shaping or mind-blowing. Just fun, okay maybe sometimes it’ll be informative reference my writing experiences.

So for now at least my schedule is as follows:

Monday – Short Story. This is shaping up to be a series of shorts that start on Monday and finish on either Thursday of the same week or finished on the following Monday.

Tuesday – A post about where I am with the novels I’m writing

Wednesday – Poetry and/or Photos

Thursday – Finishing the short started on Monday or  a pot luck kind of post. Meaning you never know what it will be.

Friday – Guest Blogger Day or maybe weird word day or vocabulary of the world day – as you can see it is still under consideration or in progress or under construction or something akin that.

Saturday – No posts

Sunday – No Posts

Weekends are for relaxing and working on the photo projects. And catching up on housework (yuck). And as you can see in the beginning of the schedule it said ‘for now’, I seem to be changing my mind a lot as of late and this schedule may change as well.  If it flows well for me it’ll stick if not then flexibility and change it is. Then again….. 🙂

Write On.

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  1. Haha, it’s your right to change your mind, but it looks like a good schedule to me. And I’m glad you’re giving yourself the weekends off!

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