Blooming Ideas

It felt really good to get into the gardens today and do some much-needed weeding and watering. Rearranging the pots and containers so that the flowers and plants could get the needed amount of sunlight. and of course this included talking to the gardens, now my neighbors will probably think I am a little nuts for that, I feel that talking to the plants helps with their growth. and if it doesn’t well I’m still going to do it because it is fun.

I felt this way too as I have been looking over the past two years worth of writing group stories.  I belong to a creative writing group and we write to a prompt each month then read our work to each other at the monthly meetings. And I just realized this weekend how many stories/poems I have written over the past couple of years for this group.

I never thought a whole lot about the stories after I wrote them and read them. But this weekend I was clearing out some old computer files – no longer needed files not any book files – and came across the folder that contains the writings from the prompts. It was like finding a secret garden. A garden I knew I had planted and then forgot.

When I opened the file and started to read these forgotten blooms I could see that they needed weeding, watering and pruning. So I dove in thinking that I would get it all done in one weekend. Not so, not so at all. You see as I opened each file and read each one more ideas started to plant themselves in my very fertile imagination.  I soon realized that the WWP( weeding-watering-pruning) process would be and is continuing.

Each story seems to wrap around the next and I see that I have a kind of series of stories all dealing or rather set in the same general area. After I get done with WWP I may post a few of those blooms here for your perusal and enjoyment. Maybe I’ll do a Monday series of shorts.  I’ll start a story Monday then kind of leave you hanging until later in the week or the following Monday. I’ll just have to see what the garden feels like doing.

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2 thoughts on “Blooming Ideas

  1. “no longer needed files not any book files”

    LOL was that for me? 😛

    Putting the stories up on here could be very fun and interesting! My friend does something like that at and I LOVE it.

  2. I can relate to just about everything you wrote. I love finding little snippets of my writing or artwork from years ago, and it serves to inspire me when I am most feeling blocked.

    A few friends of mine (and myself) used to do something called Blitzwoche–German for “Lightning Week”. We would get a few general topics or thesis ideas or visual art subjects and try to hammer out as many completed works as possible in one week. It was a great exercise for flexing that “monkey mind” quality and just letting the creativity flow.

    You really have a knack for words … Keep it up! 🙂 Tell your mom and sis I said hello.

    / R

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