Looking Back to Move Forward

A couple of months ago I wrote about writer’s block and some ways that I have busted through that seemingly insurmountable brick construction. Another way I have found that breaks through that block is to look back at my older writings and find some little gems to inspire me in the present.

It’s another technique that is working for me. I look back at my older poetry from 1986 – 1988 and glean what I can from the stanzas on those pages. I get a laugh when I do this looking back thing, because sometimes I read the older poems and I say “what the crap is that supposed to mean?”

It could mean a couple of things really; 1.That what I wrote really is undecipherable or 2.That I have moved on from where I was at that point in my life and what I wrote no longer applies. And then I think that it could also mean that what I wrote was simply garbage, which does sometimes happen.

Whatever it meant then it means something different now and I look for and dig out the hidden treasures that can help me move forward now. The writings of my past always inspire me when I need them to in my present. I then work off of the new-found inspiration and create for the future.

So just because something you write right now doesn’t seem to make much sense, save it, you never know when it could inspire your future.

From then to now to sometime new,  Write on.

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