You know they are growing up when…

So I kind of had a tearful moment, although I hid it well, when my son turned in his first job application today. I know it’s not as if he is leaving home yet, but still it was a pretty monumental moment for me, as a Mom.

When he was born 17 years ago I knew that when was old enough he would begin the search for a job. And today was that day. He felt really good about himself as he turned in the application. When he came back out to the car he said, “Mom I feel  good about this place. I can see myself working here.” I smiled and wondered how the years went by so freaking fast.

This is a big accomplishment in a young man’s life. To go out and look for work as a way of being in control of his own life, path, destiny however you want to say it. He plans on saving the money he makes so he can get a place of his own and a car. He has big plans, big dreams and a strong will to accomplish all of it. He may not get everything done as soon as he would like to, but I have faith in him that he will achieve his dreams.

I look at him and I still see the three-year old who wanted to go out for a walk by himself because he was a big boy and he wanted to do it. Then I blink my eyes and I see the young man who wants to go out and get his own apartment, and he knows he can do it. Then I turn around and wipe the tears as I know that soon the time will be here when I will help him load boxes onto a truck as he moves out onto his own path.

And I think that maybe I didn’t do that bad a job with this whole raising-a-kid-thing after all.

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2 thoughts on “You know they are growing up when…

  1. AWWW. I’m sure you did a wonderful job. What a lovely tribute to your son. 🙂

    (And good luck to him in his job search!)

  2. Oh, this is bittersweet! It makes me a little teary, as my son just turned 9 and is halfway through his childhood now–yikes! I cannot wrap my head around how fast the time has gone. How wonderful, though, to watch your child spreading his wings…great post.

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