Perfect Night

Well tonight is the night. I have plans to get the eighth murder scene done tonight. Spinning the wheel of death but it has yet to land on what the method of death will be tonight. Not really , I already know how Skye will implementing her final blow on this one. But it really is the perfect night to get a lot of words down on paper or rather on the computer.

It’s cool outside and I can hear the hum of cars on the highway in the distance. The kitchen is clean, all other work is done and I can focus on what Skye wants. And in doing that the other book beckons for some attention as well. I tell everyone to just take a number and I’ll get you when I can because tonight is for number eight.

Skye has been stalking her latest subject, finding out when will be the perfect time to lash out and then take him out.  But on this one more than the others her past is starting to haunt her present. She isn’t sure exactly why or what caused it but she may need to rest for a bit after this one. Maybe go home and visit her parents and sisters.

I am writing in the vacation scenes but I’m not sure exactly where it’ll fit into the book. The only scenes so far that I have been writing in order are the murder scenes and that is only because….well I can’t tell you that you’ll just have to wait for the book to be done to find out the why. But I am writing the in between scenes now as well. And those are the scenes that will just have to show me where they belong.

That has been the best part of writing Skye’s book so far. The fun part where the story is directing me where it wants to go. I feel like I’m just along for the ride and well of course for the writing part too. But I like how I get surprised by the storyline as I go.

Write On.

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  1. “I like how I get surprised by the storyline as I go.” I think that’s definitely one of my favorite parts of writing…it keeps me coming back.

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