Capturing The Gray Days

Another semi-gloomy, rainy, gray day. These can be some of the best days for me to write since I’ll not be distracted by too much going on outside my window. Yet there is the pull to go out to a park and capture the day in photos. I may give in to that pull and venture out as it is not raining at the moment. I need to check on my supply of plastic baggies first. Just in case I need to cover up the camera.

But there is also the pull of; grocery shopping, laundry, dishes and general cleaning that I have been sort of putting off in order to adventure around the undergrowth of the local park. It seems that nature’s pull to ‘come out and play’ is more alluring than the mundane domestic chores.

I need to find a way of doing both. Maybe I should do some macro photography shots of the dust bunnies that are hiding under the table, or the dust army that is gathering for the war with the dusting cloth. Then there is always the close up of that chocolate icing stain on the shirt, the cobweb in the corner of the living room, and the spots on the windows. I really hate cleaning windows. I can never seem to keep the streaks to a minimum.

I could hunt for treasure in that junk drawer in the kitchen that needs to cleaned out, the catch-all that the dining room table has become this past week, or my desk – which is currently under attack by hills of notes and ideas for the novels.

The basement of the apartment building I live in is another place for rainy day adventures. I swear there are cave crickets living and breeding down there. And yet another part of me would just like to lie down and curl up with a comfy blanket and sleep. Dreams, another adventure that awaits.

Oh well, decisions, decisions, decisions.

Write on, or play on or clean on or  – I don’t know you decide which fits today. 🙂

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