Short Story Dreams

I am keeping a dream journal of sorts. Jotting down notes and images from my dreams and then converting those notes into short stories or using the info for the books I am working on.

It’s weird when I lay down to sleep. I fall asleep quickly enough and then seem to just jump into the dream. No build up just BAM – into the action. That is much the same way that I write so go figure I’d dream the same way. Anyway I am going to continue writing the dreams down in my journal and I call that journal Short Story Dreams. Most of the dreams are a story from start to finish. Some of these dreams are two-part events which is fun;they stop at some point (cliffhanger points) and then I pick it up either when I fall back to sleep that same day or the next day.

I really wish there was a way of recording my dreams it would be really fun to see them with waking eyes. I may just post a few things here and there about them although, some are for my eyes only 😉

Dream On.

3 thoughts on “Short Story Dreams

  1. My dreams aren’t usually good fodder for my writing, unfortunately… But hey, Twilight was based on a dream, so yeah, dream on and write on!

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