Where the nightmare began

Skye has some skeletons in her closet, not literally although that would be fun. Her past is creeping into the story arc now. More like slithering through the muck, grime and tears that is a part of her past. And it truly is darkness incarnate. This caught me by surprise. I happened to get a glance at her journal and found a disturbing little bit of a poem that has been haunting her for a while.

No one really knows about what she has gone through and I’m kind of creeped out by what I found. Not sure if I’m going to post it here though. Everyone may just have to wait until the book is finished. After all I cannot give away everything about the book.

The poem is at the heart of the recurring nightmare she has had through out her life until therapy managed to repress the dreams.  It gives insight into the whys of what she is doing as an adult. You see her life was going along pretty good. She has a good job that she likes, a great apartment, friends, and she was sleeping well.

Her slide into darkness started with one simple little restless night. She woke to find that she had been sleep walking again. Skye thought that she was over that particular thing, after all the therapy seemed to work. Then she finds her old journal when she cleans out the hallway closet. In that journal is the poem that she wrote several times in several different journals. Wrote it over and over and over, it was why she had to start therapy at the ripe old age of fifteen.

At least for now the story is creeping along in that direction. It may change. And here I thought it was a simple murder story and now it has jumped the rails into the area of supernatural, paranormal, and dark fantasy. I should have seen this coming, I really should have. Or it could be that two stories are kind of overlapping. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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2 thoughts on “Where the nightmare began

  1. very interesting. my character, Lydia, has a recurring nightmare and went through therapy as a child, stopped going when she became hysterical (she didn’t want to forget her friend who died).
    I Love, love, love that you’re exploring the story and letting it take it’s course. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

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