A killer bus ride

So the latest problem/challenge/issue I am having to deal with in the latest novel is how to kill someone on a moving public bus without anyone else knowing. Skye (main character) is plotting to kill her current subject on the bus. I’m not sure why she wants to do this but I’m thinking it may be because she needs the challenge. The last few kills have been a little too easy for her. She has her subject in sight, the knife in her pocket and the plan in her head but she is hesitating for some reason.

She hasn’t let me in on the reason not yet anyway, so I’m feeling stuck. No not stuck just in hesitation mode and her anxiety level is rising. There maybe a law enforcement official on the bus, or someone she knows from work may be on that bus just not sure. Not much really makes Skye nervous so I’m very curious about this.

I’m absolutely positive I’ll find the answer soon. At least I’m hoping to find the answer within a couple of days because I’d like to finish this scene and go on to the next one. I’m writing the murder scenes first then filling in the spaces with the necessary everyday life items that will help bridge the gaps from murder to murder. I am finding out some very interesting things about Skye’s past that will be inserted into said gaps.

When I asked Skye just how many people she plans on offing she just looked at me and rolled her eyes, shook her head and said she was going out for a bit. I know she knows but doesn’t want to say anything and spoil it for me. Sigh, I really do like unpredictable characters. 🙂

My next project for this book is to get some more information about the states in which the killings are occurring. I imagine writing to maybe the tourist info places in each state may be a good way to go. I’m kind of tired of just researching on the internet. I’d love to be able to drive to all the places that are in the book but, finances are not at that level as of this blog posting.  I think I’ll start saving for a road trip.

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  1. Hmm, if they were falling asleep and then she stabbed them subtly in the side, they would just look like they succumbed to slumber and slumped over. Just a thought.

  2. I have no ideas, but I think your concept is a good one–always good to have a challenge. it’s going to benefit your readers, methinks!

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