Memories past, present and future

So today was a good day. My 17-year-old son surprised me with “Hey Mom let’s go somewhere, like the park.” I’m glad I was already sitting down otherwise I may have fallen down right there in the kitchen. Not really but it sure caught me off guard.

He has been saying for a few years now – “Mom you know I love you but, I just don’t want to hang out with you anymore.” I know it’s part of the natural cycle of life and all, but I still sniffed a little. I realized then that he really was growing up and soon would be a man and out on his own. And I’ll probably sniffle a little when he does indeed find his own place.

So today when the invite came I, of course,  obliged. We went to the park and walked around the lake. Taking our time and talking, I know a teenager wanted to talk, wow. He started saying things like “Mom do you remember when I was just a little kid and I rode my bike on this trail?” Of course in my eyes and heart he will always be that innocent little kid.

He went on to say how he was scared of the riding down the hills on the trail but that he felt safe because I was there with him. So again I sniffed and pretended it was just my allergies getting to me. He went on reminiscing about the great times we had walking and riding in the park, all the while I was thinking that this was another great memory imprinting itself forever in my mind.

And I couldn’t help but start to think about when he’ll be bringing his child(ren) to the same park and walk on the same trails. Thinking of how he’ll secretly be scared too when the bike starts to go a little to fast for the parent’s heart, but that he’ll give encouragement all the same.

We grabbed some dinner on the way home both of us silent. I was wrapped in my new memories, he was looking to the ones he’ll be making when he finds his own place in life. Moment by moment, memory by memory life is always a surprise.

Today was a day for memories past, the ones being made and the memories yet to come. Hmm I could use this post for the memoir writing group I am in.

Remember on.

2 thoughts on “Memories past, present and future

  1. Oh wow, what a great moment/day. And you wrote about it so beautifully! Thank you for sharing this.

    (Psst: See, you’re not ALWAYS dark! :P)

  2. PLEASE use this for the memoir group. What a super day…and silent dinners are great, they just have a bad reputation.

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