I think therefore I think some more

I’m already thinking of November. More specifically the NANOWRIMO contest that starts in November. Yeah I realize it is way too early in the year to start the wheels turning, but I can’t help it today. My mind seems to be moving faster than normal and I’m thinking of all the things that I want to accomplish this year. I chalked it up to the fact that it is nearly May 2010. And that really gets me thinking.

It seems really odd to say 2010 for the year. I mean where are all the technological advances I was promised in my youth. The flying cars, the teleportation booths to zap you from here to there, the space tours to Saturn and so on, so on, so on.  I told you my mind is zipping along today.  But really the movies, TV shows and books I read all had me looking forward to all of those devices and more. Okay well that I guess is just the ignorance of youth thinking that it would actually happen.

Then I started to think about my 3-year-old nephew, 5 month old niece and thought “Will they even know what a house phone is or a VHS player, non-paid for television programs, toys that do not require batteries, what a record or record player is” Then I realized that my own son, who is 17 yo, has not had the experience of using a phone that has a cord connected to a wall. We always had a cordless phone and now just cell phones.

So I guess technology really has advanced quite a bit since I was little kid, but I’m still waiting for the flying cars and space tours. I’ll just think about them, or maybe write about them, or……..

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1 thought on “I think therefore I think some more

  1. LOL to your title. And nope, the little ones will have no idea what VHS is. I mean, there are people my age who don’t know what record players are/look like! It’s crazy. And it makes me wonder what we WILL get to see in our day, even though yeah, the flying cars never happened.

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