The Skye’s the limit or is it…

Skye, the main character in the new book, is really hitting her stride in the hunting and quickly dispatching of her subjects. I found out that she likes to call them subjects I think it’s because that way she can distance herself from the act of killing one of her own kind. Of course she would argue with me about that because Skye does not equate her subjects to being human.

She seems to like the ending that I have written. I believe I heard a giggle from her as I wrote it so that was a very encouraging sign that it’s a keeper. So far the hardest part of this book has been figuring out what Skye does during the day to bring in money to pay the bills and such. I have played around with a few things but she didn’t like those ideas so I scrapped them. The latest one – computer technician – seems to be settling in, not sure if it’s going to stick but I’m going with it for the moment.

Yeah I know that Skye is not a real person but when I’m writing it helps to visualize and talk to her as if she was a real person. Some people may think that is bit off or odd but I just find it to be fun.

I find that as I am writing this book other ideas for the simmering book keep jumping up and down for attention. So it looks like I’m going to kind of go back and forth between the two or maybe just jot down notes for the simmer book as I finish the current one.  And I am also working on conquering this inane fear I have – the fear of success. I am so weird.

Multitasker away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write On.

1 thought on “The Skye’s the limit or is it…

  1. I vote take notes on the other idea but keep plugging away at this one.

    I also find that “the other idea” is always alluring, b/c it’s not hard work like the current one. But then as soon as you switch to it, it becomes the current one, i.e., hard work, i.e., OTHER other ideas start calling to you.

    And pssh, I don’t think any writers would think you were weird for this.

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