Murder and Accountability

Well the new story is going great. I’m having a blast writing from this one from the POV of the murderer. It’s moving fast and sometimes I have a hard time typing as fast as my mind seems to spin this one out. It’s a thrill ride of  a story for me, for sure.

The emotional state of the main character starts out all over the place then she kind of settles in to her role of making people accountable for their actions. It’s interesting watching how she evolves into a very efficient hunter. And how she justifies each killing is well, interesting for lack of a better word.

I wonder if she’ll let one or two people live. Maybe she finds out that they really are not the monsters that she perceives them to be and lets them go.  For the most part she just hunts them down and holds them accountable for what they have done to others and dispenses justice. Not exactly a new concept for a story but I think I have some unusual and very different threads woven in that will make this a great read when it is done.

2 thoughts on “Murder and Accountability

  1. I love how you talk about this like you don’t know yet…because you haven’t written it yet. for instance, “I wonder if she’ll let one or two live.” so funny. so true. outlining is not all it’s cracked up to be. discovering the story? that’s what it’s about. that thrill. so excited you’re producing!

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