The Garden Blooms

So despite the fact that this stupid cold is hanging on I have still been able to write out some thoughts for the books. The story board is alive with notes and character sheets for the first book. Although some notes are written a bit sideways they are still mostly readable. And surprisingly a lot of the scribbles are usable. One of the main characters has found a definite voice and she seems happy to be moving forward after a few months of stagnation. The killer is lurking in the shadows of the notes just waiting to jump when I least expect it.

And the second book is taking on a definite life. The killer in that book is very methodical and getting more efficient with each kill. She is rather enjoying the hunting of her prey. Personally I think she likes the chase more than the kill but I’ll just have to wait and see if it stays that way. This book is going to have a surprising ending, I can feel it.

The garden reference is the key to the second  book and how the killer kills.  She likes pretty flowers and has a garden at home that she cultivates carefully and methodically, much like the way she murders. Well back to my flowers which are starting to bloom and will need to be planted outside soon.

Happy Gardening…….