Ack, hack, cough Monday

Yeah I know it’s not Monday anymore but I still feel like it is. So the weekend was great. Monday not so much. I woke up with a cold and it screwed up my writing plans. I am now a day behind my self imposed schedule of  a writing marathon and .. and.. well I had a thought  to put here but it fell away. Stupid sneezing, coughing and head-achy crap. And I find that trying to do any useful writing while taking cold meds is not so useful, fun but not usable.

So today when I got up I thought that I would feel good enough to get moving on the writing. Again another day falling into the toilet of blahs and coughs. It sucks wiping the computer screen off after you sneeze – yuck.  Maybe I’ll just scratch out some notes on a note pad in between fevered naps. It could be interesting to see what I have written after my head clears and the faucet my nose has become turns off. Life is nothing if not twists and turns of plans well made.

Tomorrow is another day.