Feeling Recharged

I have been on a kind of mini vacation this weekend and it has recharged my writing batteries. Feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to rewrite. Part of the recharged feeling has come from unearthing original ideas, thoughts, notes and short stories related to my book.  The book is starting to take on a much better shape since I have found the original short story that started it all. I have sort of smashed the older and newer versions together and I really like the outcome.

This coming week is spring break for my son so I will have a no excuses writing week. No school issues to deal with for a week is like a vacation without going anywhere. So I will be writing as much as I can through out the day and (of course) into the night. I love this feeling I have of anticipating  the writing yet to happen. I have not been excited about my writing for awhile so between the story board fun and the no school week a lot should happen on paper or at least on computer.

And if anyone is interested the blue guy has gotten a tank and is now chasing the red guy all around the board. I kind of feel sorry for the red guy, maybe he’ll find a cache of weapons in the house he is running towards.