Story Board

Well the story board is working for me. I am finally having fun with my writing again. I have been able get a lot of ideas worked out by using the white board with the different colored markers. Just black was just boring. Even though right now there is a shoot out between stick figures (the blue guy is winning), I know that over the next few weeks I’ll be able to get more done. The missing element in what I was doing – FUN. That’s it plain and simple, I forgot to have fun with what I was writing. I was too bogged down with doing it ‘right’.

Also this past week I had a waking epiphany. A few days ago I woke up realizing that I need to go back to original of the original rough draft of my novel. So now I am on a treasure hunt through the piles of cd’s to find that original. I know I have it, it was saved on a disc before I went on a word murdering rampage and deleted the book from my computer. Maybe I should start labeling the discs.

As I look at the story board with the notes, stick people and some unreadable bits I know that I am out of the rut and back in my groove of writing. Writing for me, myself and I. No longer thinking about doing it right, just doing it fun.