Outline – the dreaded outline

Okay so I have tried to outline my novel. I tried outlining the entire novel. I tried outlining it chapter by chapter. I even tried doing outlines for just the characters. And I have come to one conclusion – I really suck at outlining my novel. Which is really frustrating since I can outline reference/text books with ease. Maybe I am too close to the material (since I wrote it), or maybe I just need to tank the whole outline my book idea.

I just feel stuck at the moment. I know I’ll get through it and at least during this time of being stuck I will not dispose of said novel. I will not dispose of my writing. I am going to dive back into the pages and rewrite (again, again, again) the words from only one character’s POV.  I am hoping it’ll give some fresh insight into why she is the way she is. The other tool I am employing is my story board. I hung up a big white board a couple of days ago. I dug out the colored white board markers and broke out a fresh eraser.

I am trusting myself to work on the book and not just draw funny pictures. But then again maybe I should just play around more and not be so serious about the book. Mayhaps play will bring in new ideas. Hmmmm I’ll let this play out and see what happens.

1 thought on “Outline – the dreaded outline

  1. I’m interested to see how it goes with your storyboard…draw funny pictures if you like. Every writer has a system/way of getting into the right frame of mind before diving in. Just don’t waste too much time! I like your idea of only writing from the one character’s pov. It helped me to switch from one voice to another for the second half of my book. xx

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