Digressionary tactics

Digressionary tactics are those little (sometimes big) things that we all do instead of doing what we really set out to do and then wind up getting nothing of the original thing done that we wanted to do. Like writing silly run on sentences. I am really good at digression. I make goals for myself and then ,somehow, allow my mind to get distracted and off the rails for something else. For instance, deciding that today I will write 1,000 words into my novel. There that seems simple enough, straight forward and to the point. And then the goal assassin wakes up somewhere in the middle of that thought wave. I get distracted by thoughts of cleaning, laundry, groceries, cleaning out the car. And yes these are all necessary things to have done. However these are also the digression bombs set off by the goal assassin. And they are good. Side tracking me all over the place until my day ends and I have not a thing done from my goal list. I can only laugh and shake a mental fist at the digression assassin. This assassin has been trained well and is always waiting for me to sit and write. Even as I sat to write this evening. I see photos that need framing, the setting sun outside, etc. And I can almost hear the laughter of digression echoing. So let this be a gentle warning to all writers, be aware of the digression assassin.